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Electronic Case Notes Delivered Right to Your E-Mail Inbox as Issued by IRCC.


ATIP Consent Form will be sent to your email after your order.


Delivery Time:

Due to the unprecedented delay by the issuing authority (IRCC/CBSA), there is no set timeframe for when the notes/files are issued.

Nevertheless, our goal is to submit your request within 24 hours after the receipt of your complete application submission.


We Thrive in Protecting Your Record:

Only the person whose record is needed or their parents or legal guardians can request this. Hence only the authentic email address of the above persons should be used.


Third parties, such as but not limited to Agents, friends, extended family members, and employers, can not make this request. Third parties submissions, if detected, may be cancelled without a refund and reported to the relevant authority, even after seven years of submission.


Impersonation is a criminal offence, and we are obligated to report to the relevant authority should the need arise.

GCMS Notes

Excluding GST/HST
  • GCMS Notes will be delivered electronic via email as issued by the issuing agency.

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